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All content contained in this profile and all content related to Dramira is the intellectual property of and copyright Mina Korzan/
2011-2014 All Rights Reserved

No use permitted of any content in any way
Visitors may view content belonging to the author and nothing more. Any use in any way is strictly forbidden. All of these works are not public domain, never have been, and never will be. Do not use, re-upload, edit, etc. any text, image, or character. Artwork of Dramira uploaded to artist's portfolios share these rights and reservations.

Do not draw Dramira without my permission. You will have to read and understand these rules (click here)and send me a message with what you had in mind first.

Dramira framed portrait

Dramira by DramiraDarkthorn

Can't a lady just enjoy her tea?

How MeX feels when she sees Dramira by DramiraDarkthorn
miss-mex expresses her love for Dramira's generous figure in this amazing cartoon fan art. Many Dramira fans have an unhealthy attraction to our favorite dark witch. I must admit, I too feel this way about Miss Darkthorn at times.

Disclaimer: Please don't make fan art without my permission.

Thanks for all the love and support!

PESTIS ATRA AESTAS RITUALE - 8.31.13 - Flyer Featuring Dramira

Pestis Atra Aestas Rituale flyer featuring Dramira by DramiraDarkthorn
"Pestis Atra Aestas Rituale" was a black metal show I put together and presented with my friend, Ed, from Wendigo Productions. Artwork of Dramira by Sarah Lefor was featured on this official flyer, which I made. The show nearly sold out and was absolutely amazing. It was great to see the flyers printed and circulated. We had both postcard and poster sizes made. Death to false metal!




Dramira has been captivating viewers and readers from around the world since early January 2011. With her white & black hair, champagne-colored eyes and red lips, she's an unforgettable image. No use of Dramira, story concepts, or any content related to Dramira allowed.

Dramira by DramiraDarkthorn
..."Surely, your conscious must form false recollection where there is none."
Her voice was sultry, smooth, sensuous, like a full-bodied red wine, "Of course not."
The woman with no memory smiled.

"The poor young woman she remembers nothing. I do wonder if she wished to forget herself completely. To run away from all that she knew and start over."
"Hmm, perhaps," the colleague paused, "or perhaps she has done a terrible thing," he glanced over at her white hair catching the corner of his eye as it sparkled like sea foam, "Her eyes, doctor."
The balding alienist shrugged, "Healthy enough. I see no reason to assume vision probl--"
The colleague's chest tightened, "You know what I suggest. That darkness."
"Ah yes..." a smirk and he drew from his pipe, "that..."

Mina Korzan/

Dramira is the main character of the dark original fiction novel I have written and one of the most compelling figures in the unique world she lives within which has gothic-victorian aesthetics.
She's a woman who has a mysterious past and who is as deadly as she is beautiful.
In her privacy, and unknown to most, Dramira practices forgotten dark rites of witchcraft. In public, Dramira is seen as a controversial figure, unfit for high society to many and adored by many others.
Within some secret circles, her name is only spoken as "Darkthorn".
*Will update soon. Under construction.

Some Characters I Plan To Introduce Soon

:bulletwhite: Kimberley Belgrey, Dramira's only official "ex" and the person responsible for her initial financial stability and possibly her success in high society. Kimberley is a gentleman with powerful talents when it comes to numbers. He is a public figure desired for his skills and his wallet alike.

:bulletwhite: "The Society", antiques and artifacts...treasures or profit? Is history written by the victor or those who claim to have understood stories of the past by looking at these ancient items?

:bulletwhite: Lucian, Dramira's most treasured lover. A soldier and broken soul. There's some artwork of Lucian in my favorites but I need to re-introduce him formally.

:bulletwhite: Theodora, one of the few Dramira can call a friend. Teddy was born rich and married rich but often finds herself bored with the lifestyle. Her guiltiest pleasure is knowing some of the secrets Dramira holds.

:bulletwhite: Renxiang, an acquaintance abroad with a knack for mixing cultures in fashion and lifestyle. A master manipulator, Renxiang helps herself and any individuals who can benefit her.

:bulletwhite: Jessamyne, pretty and plump. Her playful spirit and warm heart charms even the coldest souls. She's seeking the perfect gentleman and surrounding herself with the most interesting people in town.

All characters and concepts are the intellectual property of the author. No use allowed.

About the Author

My name is Mina.
I'm here to share my own 100% original fiction.
Unlike most who have original characters, I am not a roleplayer and my characters do not relate to any fandom.

Bitch, bookworm, Antitheist, art appreciator, horror fan, make-up lover and tattoo enthusiast.

Gamer. Hardcore to casual. PC and PS3.

Also a metalhead. Fan of black, oldschool thrash, and brutal & oldschool death metal. Gore not core.

I used to have fun shorts posted up here as I was learning to write and wanted to give samples of Dramira and her world. I've become so dedicated to my real work, the novel, I don't care for having things that don't show the depth, the life of that world, and the visions that go along with it all as what currently represents me as an artist. You will learn about the real Dramira and the depth of her story in time. Feel free to ask me anything to get to know her. This is my passion, my hobby, it's for fun. I hope what I do choose to share is enjoyable and raises interest towards these lifelike characters.
Disclaimer: I am not responsible for sexy-overloads, death-by-sexy, heart-attacks, Dramira-addictions, or related conditions caused by Dramira imagery

Even if you just watch me to view the artwork I receive and commission, thank you for your support and interest.

...Make us die slowly...


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